Django Microsoft Authentication Backend

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Simple app to enable Microsoft Account, Office 365 and Xbox Live authentication as a Django authentication backend.


  • Provides Django authentication backend to do Microsoft authentication (including Microsoft accounts, Office 365 accounts and Azure AD accounts) and Xbox Live authentication.
  • Provides Microsoft OAuth client to interfacing with Microsoft accounts

Python/Django support

django_microsoft_auth follows the same support cycle as Django, with one exception: no Python 2 support. If you absoutely need Python 2.7 support, everything should largely already work, but you may need to patch microsoft_auth.admin and/or other files to get it to work.

Supported python versions: 3.5+

Supported Django version: 1.11 LTS, 2.1+

Note: Even though Django 1.11 LTS supports Python 3.4, I do not and you should not either. Official support for 3.4 was dropped in March 2019.


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